„Europa. draußen“ (engl.)


would you like to play along with us in a drama?

Europa. draußen” ( Europe. outside) is the title of our new play , that we will perform on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of March 2017 in our municipal theatre (Neues Theater Emden).

It is about Europe, xenophobia, migration and the European walls-up-policy.

In our ensemble we are 21 actors (from Germany, Syria, Iran, Kosovo) and 3 musicians- we invite adults and youngsters from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds to take part in one of the scenes of the drama.

Whoever is interested to meet us, who wants to know more about our work and /or wants to participate in the drama is cordially invited.

next  meeting on Saturday 17th of December at 15.00-17.00 o’clock in “MUSIKSCHULE”, Brückstraße 92, 26721 Emden 

We are looking forward to see you!


Ulrike Heymann

Tel: 04921-32310 (answering machine)

email: ulrike.heymann@theartic-emden.de

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